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This data comprises:
Key Key Definition Example Key Key Definition Example
NAL (native_language) French SOC (sociolect) General Australian etc
POB (place_of_birth) Sydney MOC (mothers_occupation) teacher
FNL (fathers_native_language) English FPO (fathers_place_of_origin) city, country
AGE_CAT (age_classification) yy SID (speaker_identifier) S001 etc
LVF (filename.lvf) method for lung meas.> MET (filename.met) methods for all measurements
SEX (sex_of_speaker) 'm' or 'f' YOB (year_of_birth) preferable to age
LEV (education_level) 'primary', 'tertiary', etc HGT (height) in millimetres
WGT (weight) in kg LVT (length_of_vocal_tract) in millimetres
COH (circumference_of_head) in mm ECD (eye_to_chin_profile_distance) in mm - see Oasa and Millar (1988)
LCP (lung_capacity) in litres LFR (lung_flow_rate) in litres/minute
ACC (strength_of_accent) (wrt BFE) filename or "none" INT (intelligibility_level) filename or "high"
FLU (fluency_of_speech) fluent, moderate, disfluent HER (hearing) good, moderate, poor
RGV () SPQ (speech_quality) 'normal','lisp', etc
MNL (mothers_native_language) English MPO (mothers_place_of_origin) city, country
FOC (fathers_occupation) teacher AGE (age_of_speaker) 27
SPK_TYPE (speaker_classification) fyb

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