Australian National Database of Spoken Language (ANDOSL)

Quality Data

This form will enable you to view the quality data for the primary representation file for each speaker in the database.

This data comprises:
Key Key Definition Example Key Key Definition Example
PRF (primary_representation_file) data file name OML (overall_mean_level) mean displacement value
MAX (maximum_signal_value) signal positive peak MIN (minimum_signal_value) signal negative peak
NPL (number_of_positive_limits) measure of positive overload NNL (number_of_negative_limits) measure of negative overload
MED (mean_segmental_deviation) mean s.d. in 20ms intervals MID (minimum_segmental_deviation) minimum s.d. in 20ms intervals
MAD (maximum_segmental_deviation) maximum s.d. in 20ms intervals

View by Data File Name

To view the quality entries for a data file enter the file name then select view.

File Name

View by Speaker or Task

To build a list of the quality entries selected by speaker id and task enter the speaker id (S001-S264), NOTE the default is S001, select the required classification and select preview.

Speaker ID (S001-S264) Task ID

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