(this page was updated on 22 January 1998)

Orders are now being received for the purchase of CDROMs containing the current holdings of the ANDOSL project and licenses to use the data.

The following materials are currently available:

 Sentences spoken by Native-born Australian English Speakers (divided between CDROMs on the basis of "age" and "phonology")

Sentences spoken by Migrant Australian English Speakers (divided between CDROMs on the basis of "gender" and "accent") Digits and /h/-vowel-/d/ isolated words MAP task data (divided between CDROMs on the basis of "gender relationship" and "familiarity relationship")


CDROMs may be ordered by means of the descriptors above. Orders should be addressed to :
The ANDOSL Project
Computer Sciences Laboratory R.S.I.S.E,
Australian National University
Canberra, ACT, 0200, Australia

The purchaser will obtain a license to use the data for a specific purpose broadly defined as either commercial or non-commercial. Different pricing applies depending on the category of use. Pricing details can be obtained from the project.

 In recognition of the initiative of ASSTA in promoting the concept of the National Spoken Language Database and the extensive written support of ASSTA members for the 1992 application for ARC funding, it is intended that a discount will be offered to all ASSTA members of at least 3 years financial standing who purchase licenses to these ANDOSL products. 


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