Australian National Database of Spoken Language (ANDOSL)

History Data

This form will enable you to view speaker history data stored in the database.

Speaker History records are structured around a major category (Cnn), a type (sub-category, Ynn) and then a level (Lnn), followed by start (Bnn) and end years (Enn) for each recorded event. These may be interpreted using the following table.
Category  Type  Level 
singing type hours / week
medical condition severity
residence place not used
music type hours/week
occupation task hours/week
voice_training task hours/week
language name 1 = not fluent 2 = moderately fluent 3 = fluent
education level not used (may contain institution name)
smoking type number or hours/week
sport type hours/week
vocal_stress type hours / week

NOTE: The start year (Bnn) and end year (Enn) are given as a four digit year > 1000.

If Bnn = 0 or blank and Enn < 1000 then Enn = the number of years

View history details of a Speaker

To view a speaker history enter the speaker ID then select view.
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