Australian National Database of Spoken Language (ANDOSL)


The Australian National Database of Spoken Language was prepared at the School of Electrical Engineering Sydney University, the National Acoustic Laboratories, the Speech Hearing and Language Research Centre Macquarie University and the Computer Sciences Laboratory Australian National University. It was initially promoted by the Australian Speech Science and Technology Association. Major funding for the project was provided by the Australian Research Council in the form of research infrastructure grants (1991-1995). Further funding was provided by the Macquarie University Research Grant scheme, and Australian National University research funds.

The Australian Research Council funding required that the research infrastructure developed be managed in a self-supporting on-going way for the benefit of the academic research community. The data are available to the academic research community at a cost which covers the on-going maintenance of the existing data and also the incorporation of slight enhancements submitted by the community.  The data are available at a higher cost for commercial customers and the proceeds are designated for more major development of corpus holdings.
The on-going dissemination of data from the corpus is being managed from the Australian National University. These pages provide information about the data corpus and how it may be acquired by interested parties.

Last modified: 24 March 1999.