Australian National Database of Spoken Language (ANDOSL)

Accessing Descriptive Material

The ANDOSL data is described using over 100 'keys'. These descriptive keys are used in both a relational database which can be interrogated over the world wide web, and the ddf files that are found on the CDROMS. This page enables you to access the descriptive keys in the relational descriptive database and use them to examine certain aspects of the data holdings of the ANDOSL project. An explanatory summary of the descriptive keys used in the primary "ddf" files can be found in Also, a summary of all the descriptive keys used in both the primary and secondary "ddf" files of the NSLD system can be found in, which also resides in the /doc directory on all CDROMS. Further, information about updates and errors in released descriptive material will soon be found in UPDATE.txt.
The following forms have been developed to retrieve data from the speech database.


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